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Hii, I'M Kamal Mandal

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Hey, want to know about me? I am an experienced Web Designer form Greater Noida, India and I am pursuing my studies in class 11. while pursuing my studies I just continue my web designing course in my extra time and still I am a learner, and just left with a few steps to become a Web Developer. if you want to check my skill then you must check the skill corner on my website. this website is not only for my personal detail you can heaven check my latest video on YouTube on my website. if you want to hire me then you can easily get in touch with me by just calling or emailing me I have given all my detail in " Get in Touch with me column where you can call me and email me " so you can check the detail. I have done a few projects on the website, though I study and have to reject many of the projects that I got from online project sites like Fiverr.com and others. thank you and I hope to see you as my client. My motive is to get great feedback from m client and I satisfied my client with all their needs. Though I can't recommend myself as a professional, I can't recommend myself as perfect for your website project. ...I think it's important to help make the internet a beautiful place, whether that be through words, photography, or web design, and I'm excited to have found a community at Thinkful that shares my belief. I also think it's important to push yourself and learn one new thing every day, no matter what that may be. Did you know a duel between three people is called a truel?I hope to see you as my future client.

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Bootstrap3 & 4
jQuery & Javascript

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